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Thorworld Industries – A ‘one-stop-loading-bay-shop’ for business

Thorworld Industries – A ‘one-stop-loading-bay-shop’ for business

As non-essential enterprises re-open their doors and high street stores welcome their customers’ return, materials handling specialist Thorworld Industries offers its loading equipment services, solutions and accessories to help retail businesses get back on track.

Renowned as a one-stop-shop of loading bay solutions and protection – supplying everything necessary to ensure safe commercial loading and unloading – Thorworld provides superior quality, European Standard compliant equipment ranging from complete loading platforms and ramp systems, to protective Seals and Shelters and rubber dock bumpers.

With recent data released from consultants PwC’s Consumer Sentiment Index suggesting that consumer confidence is now at its highest level since the tracking of the data began in 2008, it’s expected that consumers with more disposable income and “a pent up demand to spend after a year of lockdown restrictions”, will increase their spending habits now and in the months to come.

Citing the coronavirus vaccination rollout as a reason for the high street footfall expectations, warehouses and logistics hubs must be ready ‘at the supply end’ to ensure outlets are effectively and safely stocked.

“Behind the scenes, activity in the loading bay environment is accelerating,” says John Meale, Managing Director of Thorworld Industries, “as the supply chain strives to meet both the increasing consumer expectations online shopping has delivered throughout the pandemic, and a revived surge in bricks and mortar store supply.”

Currently celebrating its 40th year of supporting the logistics industry, Thorworld has become a leader in supplying essential loading equipment, such as modular loading platforms and container ramps. However, the company is also a specialist provider of loading environment accessories including traffic and pedestrian control measures; such as Traffic Lights, Dock Lights, Container Supports, Alignment Curbs, Protective Bollards and Loading Dock Safety Guards, and is committed to providing free site surveys to ensure recommended solutions are appropriate for each application.

“Heightened activity can make any loading environment increasingly hazardous,” John adds. “Which is why a reliable provision of protection is key to keeping employees safe and socially distanced, preserving equipment, and preventing buildings from becoming damaged.

“Now more than ever, ‘staying safe’ has become integral to our way of living and working. We hope that as consumer enterprises build their businesses once more, Thorworld’s services can be considered as a reliable route to helping everyone in the loading environment perform their roles safely and effectively.”

For more information visit or call 01246 260981.


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26 April 2021, 18:36