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The year in pictures: Our top photos of 2021

The year in pictures: Our top photos of 2021

We asked FreightWaves photographer Jim Allen to select his favorite photos that he captured in 2021. Some reflected significant developments in the freight industry; others were simply cool images that caught his eye. While a picture’s worth a thousand words, he added a few comments below to expound on some of his selections.

Loading up on color

Jim Allen/FreightWaves

“These new Freightliner Cascadias were prepared for a specific carrier’s needs. Whoever it is sure likes color variety.”

Sad ending for Central Freight Lines

“After 96 years, Central Freight Lines is planning to shut down. I drove to Central HQ in Waco, Texas, soon after we broke the news. Sad to see a Texas transportation institution calling it quits.”

Sign of the times

Jim Allen/FreightWaves

“It was a big year for driver recruitment. This sign was placed just outside Port Houston.”

Ice storm for the ages

“Winter Storm Uri devastated Houston and most of Texas. It was described as a once-in-a-hundred-years storm, and extended from Mexico to Canada. No less than 237 fatalities were officially confirmed in Texas alone. Massive power outages, broken pipes and closed highways were common for days at a time.”

Prime Air vs. Blue Angels

Jim Allen/FreightWaves
Jim Allen/FreightWaves

“During the Bell Fort Worth Alliance Air Show in Texas, we were able to grab some up-close Prime Air images and, of course, photos of the highlight of the show, the Blue Angels. Amazon has so much control of the airport that the air show would have to take regular scheduled breaks for the Prime Air planes to take off and land.”

Tagging along with UP’s Big Boy

“We got to take an exclusive ride on Union Pacific’s Big Boy Heritage locomotive. Amazing piece of perfectly restored history.”

Infrastructure issues

Jim Allen/FreightWaves

“The Sam Houston Tollway ship channel bridge. Some controversy with this project — cost overruns, primary contractor fired, etc.”

A few new toys

Jim Allen/FreightWaves

“One of our first aerial drone shots. Drones are opening up a new dimension of transportation photography.”

Jim Allen/FreightWaves

“This year we got to experiment with new equipment and new camera angles that were not possible in the past.”

Some scenic favorites


25 December 2021, 13:00