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The logistics of the Olympics — Cyberly

The logistics of the Olympics — Cyberly

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The ethos of competition is being better, faster and stronger than the next person. We see it in every aspect of business, life and, of course, sports.

Right now the peak of competition is about to play out in Tokyo at the Olympic Games. In 2020 we saw what the world looked like without sports and what a society looks like without rooting for a common goal. 

Blythe Brumleve looks at competition through the lens of logistics at the Tokyo Olympics and how that has evolved and continues to evolve even days before the opening ceremonies.

Brumleve also welcomes CS Recruiting’s Charlie Saffo to talk about the importance of a strong marketing strategy when it comes to recruiting and hiring. Andrew Cox also joins the show with a preview of the 2021 holiday retail season and some sound advice for retailers ahead of Christmas shopping craziness. 

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22 July 2021, 23:29