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Robust demand for high-tech shipping reveals COVID-19’s sticky influence

Robust demand for high-tech shipping reveals COVID-19’s sticky influence

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As vaccine distribution spreads globally, the hope for pre-pandemic normalcy heightens. But FreightWaves’ exclusive conversation with Bill Fallon, AIT Worldwide Logistics’ vice president of global accounts, reveals that the changes spurred by the pandemic may permanently shift how the global community works and shops. 

“The flexibility that employers are providing to their associates to be able to work remotely, support their families and work in a safe environment will continue leading to strong demand,” said Fallon.

Global supply chain management company AIT provides sea, air and ground solutions for technology companies in the Fortune 500. Since the onset of the pandemic, these companies continue to generate strong demand for shipping high-value devices and components to support cloud computing and building out 5G infrastructure. 

Shipping such sensitive technology, like a fully populated server rack, is a complex endeavor. Fallon said that AIT’s carrier relations team has done a phenomenal job designing shipping solutions that are sustainable, scalable and transferable across regions ⁠— whether it’s Asia, Europe or the Americas. 

But even as communities get vaccinated and daily life begins to look a bit more normal, Fallon sees no slowing down of demand for cloud devices and high-value components, based on strategic meetings with AIT’s technology clients. Other pandemic-spurred changes, like the boom in e-commerce retail, are also here to stay. 

“I think those types of changes will be with us as we move forward,” said Fallon. “Obviously, it would be wonderful for the pandemic to subside, but demand will still be very strong in this sector.”


12 February 2021, 16:00