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Parts specialist TVH ‘for sale’

Parts specialist TVH ‘for sale’

60,345,000 parts for sale. That is what is displayed on the new billboard on TVH’s head office along the E17 motorway in Waregem. As a global player in the field of spare parts for lift trucks, industrial vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural tractors, TVH kills two birds with one stone with this message.

On the one hand, TVH informs about its core business. As a spare parts specialist, it supplies spare parts and accessories for all types of lift trucks, industrial vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural tractors. People often associate the company with (the production of) machines, but that is not the case.

Isabelle Van de Voorde, Corporate Marketing & Communication Manager at TVH: “The lift truck in the logo refers to the company’s roots. TVH Equipment, which has since been split off, does rent out and sell machines, but TVH has never been a lift truck manufacturer. TVH itself focuses on parts and accessories for a wide range of machines.” The mention of ‘60,345,000 parts’ underlines this message and refers to the company’s global stock of parts.

‘For sale’ for 40%

On the other hand, the message ‘for sale’ also stands out. This is a nod to the ongoing shareholder realignment and TVH’s search for a new minority partner.

Isabelle Van de Voorde: “The Thermote and Vanhalst families came to an agreement at the end of last year regarding the long-term shareholding of the various TVH divisions. 60% of TVH Parts – initiator of this billboard – is owned by the families of Ann and Els Thermote. The billboard is thus a nod to the remaining 40% of shares for which an external partner is being sought. mateco is now fully owned by the Vanhalst family. TVH Equipment will remain in joint ownership of both families.”

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26 April 2021, 18:40