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Outstanding Packaging

Outstanding Packaging

The specialist for protective packaging Storopack received two of the highly coveted and globally recognized “WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021”. The award in the Electronics category went to Storopack for the collaboration with its customer LivingPackets for the innovative packaging solution THE BOX. The second packaging innovation to receive an award is the Onco-System transport box in the Medical & Pharmaceutical category. The temperature-controlled, sector-specific solution is used by pharmacies, hospitals, and laboratories for the safe shipment of vital medications such as cytostatic agents and infusion therapies.

Storopack’s Onco-System sector-specific solution won over the jury thanks to its reusability and the combination of smooth material surface and a removable lining for simple, effective cleaning of all the components. The packaging solution for temperature-controlled shipment is designed specifically for the requirements of highly sensitive applications and guarantees that vital medications can reach the patient safely and at the right temperature. This is made possible by the proven phase change material (PCM) technology of the cooling packs made of hard plastic, whose dew point can be precisely tailored to the required temperature range.

Made from durable EPP, the system solutions can be used repeatedly. The size of the Onco-System box is also tailored to IV bags, allowing them to lie flat, which prevents damage during transportation such as kinks in the bag or at the predetermined breaking points of infusion instruments.

“With THE BOX, the startup LivingPackets has made a commitment to revolutionize the world of e-commerce. It was exciting for our team and a real pleasure to participate in the development of the EPP body. The reusable transport box made from EPP is 100% recyclable, foldable and is guaranteed to be used more than 1,000 times, all the while limiting environmental impact and transport costs,” explains Charles Poisson, Director of Research & Development at Storopack. The innovative design made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) was developed with the technical support of the packaging specialist.

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26 April 2021, 18:33