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Onfleet, Bond combine to offer sellers full suite of e-commerce services

Onfleet, Bond combine to offer sellers full suite of e-commerce services

Sellers using third-party e-commerce platforms face logistical issues in moving their goods, but more companies are joining forces to ensure the process of ordering, shipping and returns is as smooth as possible.

The latest is a partnership between on-demand delivery company Onfleet and “post-purchase” provider Bond. The agreement will combine Onfleet’s last-mile delivery management software with Bond’s software, which integrates with most major e-commerce platforms, to offer customers an integrated end-to-end shopping experience.

“Our partnership with Onfleet enables us to be one of the very few to offer a full-cycle solution for companies, and by combining our strengths, we offer superior speed, customization and end-to-end fulfillment experience,” said Asaf Hachmon, CEO and co-founder of Bond. “It’s a big deal in a market dominated by Shopify, and it’s an even bigger deal for companies that have struggled during the pandemic and will now be able to seriously upgrade their ability to achieve growth.”

Bond’s platform allows sellers to continue to engage with consumers and offer levels of service right through to delivery and returns, if necessary. The company offers storage, same-day delivery and returns processing from the customer’s home if required. In addition, it provides real-time tracking of shipments and allows customers to schedule delivery times that work for them at the conclusion of the checkout process.

Onfleet provides last-mile delivery solutions for businesses. Its products offer end-to-end route planning, dispatch, fleet tracking, communication and analytics.

Bond’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology powers fulfillment and inventory management solutions for sellers and drives insights for businesses on expansion opportunities.

The partnership will add additional services for joint customers, including on-site white-glove assembly and eco-friendly fulfillment options, the companies said.

“The increase in online shopping and delivery habits is here to stay. If businesses want to remain competitive, they’ll need to find a way to step up their fulfillment and delivery capabilities to keep up with demand,” said Khaled Naim, CEO and co-founder of Onfleet. “By partnering with Bond, we are providing companies with a seamless, end-to-end post-purchase experience that takes the guesswork out of fulfillment and delivery, saving businesses valuable time and money so they can focus on growing their operations.”

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17 March 2021, 15:43