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Making the customer feel like a superhero — Cyberly

Making the customer feel like a superhero — Cyberly

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Blythe Brumleve has a wide network of sales qualifications, from the Freight School Playbook to her stint as co-host of Put That Coffee Down with Kevin Hill; she knows what clients want and how to make them feel like more than just a customer. 

On this episode of her show Cyberly, Brumleve looks at the little things people can do to take customer service over the edge into the realm of customer caring. 

Brumleve hosts Katelyn Bourgoin, CEO of Customer Camp, to hear her insight about getting the details on client desires through customer-centric interviews. Bourgoin once said, “Don’t sell me a new bed. Sell me a good night’s sleep so I can finally be that person that quits hitting snooze and can make that morning workout on time.”  

That suggests a sales pitch has to be about more than just a product or service; a good pitch allows potential customers to see a deeper benefit to their personal or professional experience. 

Brumleve also dives into the meaning behind digital metrics like video views and downloads, and explains some recent news in the cyber world.


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8 April 2021, 22:31