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Keeping beauty clean and green — Point of Sale

Keeping beauty clean and green — Point of Sale

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ArcBest is more than logistics. Whatever you do, whatever you ship, ArcBest makes it easier for you to do business. ArcBest combines reliable capacity, innovative technology and trusted relationships to take the complexity out of your supply chain and keep your shipments moving. That’s what makes ArcBest more than logistics.

The beauty industry is one of the biggest niches in the retail landscape, and a clean ingredient list and testing process for skin-care and makeup products have become a necessity for buyers everywhere. But what about being clean when it comes to emissions?

On this episode of Point of Sale, Andrew Cox explores how the brand TATCHA is taking clean initiatives outside the makeup tube and into the carbon emissions reduction space.

Cox interviews two special guests, one from and the other from premier beauty brand TATCHA, to discuss building sustainable supply chains.

Through, TATCHA offsets 100% of its shipping emissions. The three discuss how it’s done, what the benefits are and how more of these partnerships can be created in the future.

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24 April 2021, 02:25