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Is inflation threatening economic recovery? — Freightonomics

Is inflation threatening economic recovery? — Freightonomics

The past few weeks has been wild for the freight markets with winter weather setting back transportation providers and limiting freight operations. As the markets go back into peak mode, Anthony Smith and Zach Strickland talked about how prices are responding to continued setbacks. 

Supply chains from retail to manufacturing are still waiting on inventory replenishment, and with another stimulus check hitting the bank accounts of Americans, retail spend is still expected to remain high. 

However, the guys caution that spending could possibly be hindered because as economic recovery struggles along, inflation starts to play a role in the macroeconomic field. As prices follow the trend of inflation, consumers would be left picking up the tab. 

Smith and Strickland used SONAR data to illustrate the current trends in the market. To find out more about SONAR, check out a demo here

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17 March 2021, 22:37