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Increasing cold chain capacity for new drugs — Medically Necessary

Increasing cold chain capacity for new drugs — Medically Necessary

Medically Necessary is a podcast by Matt Blois about the health care supply chain — how we get drugs, devices and medical supplies to health care providers and patients.

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On the third episode of Medically Necessary, reporter Matt Blois talks to Cold Chain Technologies CEO Ranjeet Banerjee.

Cold Chain Technologies provides logistics services for temperature sensitive materials in the life sciences industry and has been a big part of the effort to distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

The recent vaccine rollout has pushed the cold chain into the spotlight. But even before the pandemic, the growth of biologics and gene therapies — complex medicines that require sensitive temperature control — was driving demand for logistics services in the life sciences industry.

Banerjee explains the supply chain implications stemming from the growth of biologics and gene therapies. He also talks about how the pandemic affected the business of transporting sensitive drugs, as well as the industry’s future.

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15 April 2021, 23:26