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Forager launches transparent cross-border load board

Forager launches transparent cross-border load board

The transportation industry’s growing willingness to embrace technology has empowered carriers to make better decisions about which loads they are willing to move. Dozens of innovative tools aimed at helping carriers find quality domestic loads have entered the market over the past several years. Carriers moving cross-border freight, however, have largely been left out of the revolution.

Leading cross-border freight expert Forager is working to fill that opportunity gap with the launch of its new load board. The company already offers carriers dedicated freight with quick payouts. The new load board is a natural expansion of the company’s proven dedication to carrier success. 

Image: Forager

Forager has made a name for itself through its industry-leading dedication to transparent pricing. The company’s practical and beautiful pricing and booking portal – SCOUT by Forager – launched last fall. Carriers were top of mind during the creation of the company’s pricing model.

“I have come to realize that carriers are a critical part of this business. We want to offer them transparent pricing, but we also want to focus on other ways we can help them build their businesses out,” Forager co-founder and CEO Matt Silver said. “Most trucking companies don’t have salespeople. All they can do is call a few brokers and hope they find decent freight. Seeing how carriers can live or die by a few big customers, it became important to us to give them tools to expand their businesses.”

Small and midsize trucking companies stand to gain the most from Forager’s new load board and accompanying carrier portal. These carriers operate with fewer resources, razor-thin margins and restricted access to high-price technologies. They need a company like Forager on their side.

“Ultimately, we are leveling the playing field. Borders are obstacles. Large corporations have the resources to navigate those obstacles,” Todd Detmold, Forager’s head of product, said. “By taking some of those challenges on ourselves, we are giving smaller companies the opportunity to succeed.” 

Image: Forager

Carriers moving cross-border freight face a complex web of customs regulations and import laws that are foreign to companies operating primarily within the U.S. It is important for carriers to book cross-border loads through companies that are intimately familiar with these challenges. 

“Carriers don’t want to pick up freight that could affect the status of their business. They need to protect themselves,” Silver said. “We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure carriers are working with trustworthy shippers and picking up legal loads.”

In addition to offering carriers greater access to freight, Forager plans to build out its Mexico onboarding system, creating a core database of Mexican carriers. The company intends to focus more attention on Mexican and Candian companies while building out products and features for both sides of the marketplace. 

Carriers can visit Forager’s site to learn more or register for the load board now. 


16 February 2021, 16:00