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Emerge partners with EDRAY to ease drayage pain points

Emerge partners with EDRAY to ease drayage pain points

Freight procurement platform Emerge on Tuesday announced it is partnering with EDRAY to offer its global shipping customers access to drayage solutions.

EDRAY received a $7 million investment in July from Emerge founder and CEO Andrew Leto, who was attracted to the company’s unique way of consolidating global shipments and its use of flow stacking, a process that coordinates a number of incoming port pickups so that all cargo is stowed together, making for an easier unloading process, which can eliminate the risk of detention and demurrage charges.

“Drayage is one of the biggest pain points for most shippers,” said Leto of his investment in the proprietary platform that is touted as leading to a 40% increase in drayage productivity, five times less rehandling and 25% less emissions. “EDRAY combines the freight of all these companies and attracts drayage carriers to come in and bid on that freight as a whole, reducing the shipper’s costs.” 

Now Leto’s customers at Emerge can leverage that same business model to bring cost savings to its customers through a more efficient process of importing, all within the same platform they are used to using.

“We’re partnering with EDRAY to meet the needs of global shippers across different modes of transportation such as drayage — providing a simplified process with visibility throughout. With the Emerge-EDRAY partnership, shippers can get everything done under one umbrella,” Emerge President George Abernathy said.

Emerge plans to continue offering its customers new solutions, like EDRAY, through integration partners and expanded product development throughout 2022.

“This partnership will be vital in providing a technology solution within the procurement ecosystem. Emerge gives shippers the confidence, clarity and efficiency they need. EDRAY provides that same confidence and clarity at the ports. It’s a perfect pair,” said Maggie Petrovic, vice president of strategic initiatives at Emerge.

Watch now: Emerge founder Andrew Leto

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21 December 2021, 17:37