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Cardinal Health takes steps to increase visibility — Medically Necessary

Cardinal Health takes steps to increase visibility — Medically Necessary

Medically Necessary is a podcast by Matt Blois about the health care supply chain — how we get drugs, devices and medical supplies to health care providers and patients.

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Visibility is crucial for seamless logistics movement, but it is also incredibly important for sensitive material like drugs and health care supplies. That necessity is what drove Cardinal Health to partner with visibility platform FourKites. 

Matt Blois discusses that partnership on this episode of Medically Necessary and welcomes FourKites founder Matthew Elenjickal. Over the past year, FourKites has been working with the medical distributor Cardinal Health to build more visibility into their supply chain. And they recently announced a major expansion to that partnership. 

Blois and Elenjickal discuss why real-time tracking could be useful in health care and how the pandemic has changed how companies in the industry view tracking technology.

Elenjickal also reveals how FourKites uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to support its platform and provide a better-integrated network for its clients. 

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23 April 2021, 21:41