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‘As I See It’ from the Trucking Activist: Truckers – Year in review

‘As I See It’ from the Trucking Activist: Truckers – Year in review

As we look in this year’s rear-view mirror I see only “hard working truckers!” We endured another challenging year that was marked by an ever-changing pandemic.

When I say truckers, that obviously includes our great professional driving force. It includes the many support people that aid in matching customer needs with driver capacity every day – 24 hours. And how about our hard-working technicians that are supporting an aging fleet and shortage of parts? But I need to point out the leadership and ownership of this industry who are constantly thinking and doing outside of the box initiatives and strategies to support all of the above. Without passionate and flexible leadership these businesses would be impacted the same as the port supply chain, or the airline failures that we have all endured in 2021.

When 70% of all freight is handled by truckers, I can’t imagine the impact on this economy if these folks didn’t perform above and beyond during 2021!

The trucking industry is only successful if the drivers are successful. These drivers have exceeded all and any expectations for supply chain support. While our mainstream media are making us all aware of the chronic supply chain problems, the foundation of its success and not failure is the day-to-day work done by these folks on our highways every day. Challenged with a pandemic, government interference, limited parking, and closed amenities, these professional drivers just do their job. To our new entrant drivers that have joined this profession in 2021, thank you for your support. To the many trainers that help train these drivers, great work in giving back to our industry. To the support folks that show patience and support for these new drivers, well done!

The trucker success relies on dedicated support people that complete the team. Trucking is not a “sexy” profession, but it is as critical as it gets for a strong economy. The most challenging with no business routines available here! The manpower economic impact has hit this industry like all others. The behind-the-scenes folks do a wonderful job balancing driver needs with customer needs. Trucking relies on the old adage of “rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done” so well done folks!

Thank God we have an industry with passionate owners. Many of these companies are privately held and family operated. The challenges to these owners are not short of increasing cost of labor, runaway inflation, shortages in their equipment costs, fuel, and parts pricing increases, and not to mention the irrational legal onslaught increasing insurance costs. This country owes you all a debt of gratitude for doing what you do every day!

Thank you, truckers, from a very grateful country, Happy Holidays to you all! Best wishes for a safe and healthy 2022!

Jack Porter


21 December 2021, 20:21